The Ultimate Guide For the Best Air Fresheners

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On this site you will find different reviews and brands on different types of car air fresheners avaliable. We have done a compreshensive search on the web to find the best smelling car scents to date.

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Best Car Air Fresheners in 2017

PhotoNameTypeStrength LongevityRatings
Chemical Guys AIR_101_16 New Car Smell Premium Air FreshenerSprayermoderate2 hours4.5/5
Little Trees Black Ice Air FreshenersLittle Trees Black Ice Air FreshenersTree shapedmoderate7 weeks
Ozium SmokOzium Smoke & Odors Eliminatore & Odors EliminatorGel1 month
Febreze Car Vent-Clip Air FreshenersVent Clip
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Car maintenance is crucial to the proper working of your car and taking you to places. While it takes you to places, with time, there may develop a bad smell inside the car. This smell may develop into a disgusting car scent over time instead of dissipating if care is not taken. The remedial measures can be taken by the car drivers without much ado.

In order to keep the smell away, the basic step is to keep the car clean. Get rid of the habits that may lead to developing bad car smell, e.g., smoking or eating fries in the car. Adopting the habit to clean and avoiding the habits that may lead to creating a bad car smell can help you maintain the original car scent that a new car emits. Dirty car floor mats are one of the major reasons for bad scents. Clean the floor mats two times a week or urgently if something is spilled over them.





Car air fresheners: Keeping the smell away

Even if eating and smoking are avoided in the car, the car may still smell terribly – mostly due to sweat or ozone. Though you can use a body spray for yourself, there is no efficient way to eliminate ozone’s smell. Besides keeping the car clean and avoiding all the bad habits, the use of car air freshener is very important to address the bad smell. Deodorize the car whenever the smell starts to develop. Car air fresheners are produced by thousands of companies around the globe. Every manufacturer of car air fresheners will claim their product to be the best air freshener for car. However, there are a few air fresheners for car that are actually helpful in keeping the bad smell away. Some of the best car air fresheners that will produce a very pleasant fragrance in your car are Air Spencer Squash, PURGGO Car Air Freshener, Ozium Smoke and Ozone Eliminators, M Goodees Car and Home Purifier and Ionizer and Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener.

Air Spencer Squash

Air Spencer Squash absorbs the air scent molecules and emits a vapid squash scent. The fragrance lasts for a long time and is described by users as the smell that is somewhere between an odd fruit and a classic bubble gum smell. It is easy to use and can be refilled.

PURGGO car air freshener

PURGGO car air freshener is one the best car air fresheners due to its non-composition of artificial scents. The mechanism of this air freshener is such that it uses bamboo charcoal to absorb unusual odours from the air. When PURGGO car air freshener is attached to back of the headrest and air is circulated in the car the bamboo charcoal that is sown in the bag will absorb bad scents from the air. Moreover, this car air freshener is completely allergen free and 100% biodegradable.

 Ozium smoke and ozone eliminators

Ozium smoke and ozone eliminators use oxidation method to eliminate the bad odors in your car.  It is a gel-like air freshener that absorbs the air molecules present in the car. When these air molecules interact with the gel molecules, fragrance is released into the air. Though it has a strong scent, it can be controlled which makes it one of the best air fresheners for the car.

M Goodees car and home purifier and ionizer

Providing you the scent that your car needs, M Goodees car and home purifier and ionizer at the same time protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. This tiny device plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter ports and creates ozone out of the planet’s ozone. The ozone that it creates eliminates the scent of other air particles. These air particles include the air particles that produce the bad smell.

Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener has a history of eliminating bad scents since its introduction in the 1950s. The scent is described as ‘adventurous’ and ‘masculine.’ It has a strong and very long lasting smell. This car air freshener is not for every car owner or driver as it has a quite strong masculine fragrance. Using this air freshener will eliminate the bad car scent within minutes.

Alternate ways: Eliminating the bad smell

There are some alternative methods that you can adapt to get that bad scent out of your car. Drive your car with the windows down to allow natural air pass through the car. This will help largely in eliminating the bad car scent. It will take a bit of effort, but you can also sprinkle baking soda in the car or wipe down the interior with vinegar and water if the bad smell is not dissipating. When you use baking soda, you will have to vacuum the interior and the floor mats.

You can alternatively also use the traditional air fresheners or perfumes. They might not help in keeping the smell for a long time but are very quick in eliminating the car smell for the time. Some of the best air fresheners are Poo-Pourri before-you-go toilet spray, Air Wick Scented oil air freshener and Febreze air effects air freshener. It is also very useful to place an unlit scented candle under the car seat.