Car Cleaning

We have also taken an interest to car cleaning.  Its important to to make sure that your car is maintained and cleaned properly to prevent bad odours from happening. On this page we give you a great guide to cleaning you car both internally and externally.

At some point in time everyone that owns a vehicle would have to clean their car. Its just part of having a vehicle. if your car is not cleaned regularly you run the risk of building up toxic damage to the surfaces of the paints on your car, not only that but it looks really unattractive.

Problems faced using automatic car washes

Modern cars are equipped with all sorts of fancy new safety equipment. A side-effect of all those automated braking systems and other goodies is that your car might freak the hell out in an automated car wash, kind of like trying to get a dog into a bathtub.

The issue is that the sensory safety systems that help to prevent crashes on the road also often prevent cars from thinking the enclosure full of spraying water and spinning brushes is a good place to be, causing the systems to overload and essentially disable the vehicle.
Thats why we recomend washing your car by hand
Below we have made a list of the top 10 best car washing products