How to get Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

We all like our cars to smell fresh and clean, especially since we have to sit around in them for quite some time. Cigarette smoke can be one of the hardest smells to get out of your car. Luckily here are a few easy steps to get that smell out!

Get the right materials

In order to restore your car’s original fresh scent, you need to have the right stuff for the job. For removing the smell of smoke, you will need:

  • A vacuum
  • Fabric freshener
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Paper towels

And lastly, the most essential material is air fresheners for cars. This will allow your car to maintain a fresh scent in your car. It would be in your best interest to research and purchase some of the best car fresheners for smokersto ensure the smoke smell does not return. This type of air freshener is the best car fresheners since they guarantee that your car will not smell like smoke.

Once you have everything you need, you are ready to get started removing the smell of smoke from your care.

Removing all cigarette residue

You are going to want to removing every evidence of cigarettes in your car. This means scooping out old buds and emptying the ashtray. When you empty the ash tray, make sure to also wipe it down with some all-purpose cleaner and let it air out. This way if there is some smell of smoke on the ashtray it can clear out after a while.

Cleaning your car’s surfaces

There are two types of surfaces in your car that both require different types of cleaning. It is possible to ruin a surface if you clean it the wrong way. Here are a few ways to clean the different surfaces of your car.

  • Cushion Surfaces

These soft surfaces get hit the hardest when it comes to the smoky smell of a cigarette. The smell just sinks right in, which can make it hard to remove. The best way to start off is by vacuuming all the soft surfaces of your car to remove any ash that may have been absorbed. After vacuumingfloor mats and seat covers, make sure to remove them and allow them to air out. Then make sure to spray all soft surface areas with fabric fresheners to further help remove the smoke smell.

  • Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces are much easier to clean compared to soft surfaces. All you need to do is spray them with a bit of all-purpose cleaner and wipe them down. It is important to wipe down every hard surface in your car since they can hold onto the smell of smoke too.

Placing air freshener for your car

Once you have finished cleaning the inside of your car, return everything you removed to its rightful place. Then you can begin placing air fresheners for your car inside. Remember it helps to use one that are the best air fresheners for smokers.