The InnoGear USB Oil Diffuser Car Air freshener


InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser


The InnoGear Essential oil car air freshener is a portable aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. This air diffuser oil uses the latest technology to slowly release its aroma that make your car smelling nice overtime. The juice this pumper needs is just essential oils which a great benefit because you can get all types of essential oils on the market today and with the large variety there is a smell for any occasion.

Uses USB technology

The innogear oil diffuser is powered by usb which means that it is compatible with any car with a cigarette socket.  All you have to do is plug it straight to your car and your ready to go. You will need a USB adaptor in order for it to work

Fits perfect in your front car

A lot of customers have problems with air difussers that dont sit right in the cup holder causing the freshener to fall off. If your looking for an air freshener that fits right into your cup holder then this is for you. The  innogear USB car oil infuser is designed to sit into your vehicle cup holder without falling off.

LED changing lights!

Not only is the Innogear freshener portable but it also comes with 7 LED changing lights which makes it a really cool gadget to show of too you loved ones. The beautiful lights also helps to relive tiredness while driving and the using a peppermint essential oil with the freshener will help to boost its effects.


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How it works….

  • Take off the cap
  • Add water below the maxline
  • Add few drops of essential oil
  • put the cap back and power it on



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